How sponsorship can support your business

Date Posted: 28 June 2017 How sponsorship can support your business


With its century long position as the most influential business forum in Wales, Cardiff Business Club offers some great, customisable opportunities to get your brand in front of a diverse and highly influential audience.

Sponsoring networking events can be an extremely effective way to raise your organisation’s profile, build good will and generate new business.



Here are five reasons to give it some thought: 


1. Increase your visibility: Sponsorship can help you raise your company’s profile, not just during the event itself, but through pre-event promotion and post-event publicity. With your logo appearing on our website, season letterhead and annual programme of events, and an opportunity to display your branded materials at the event, it’s a great way to put your business in the spotlight.


2. Gain media attention: Due to the high profile nature of our speakers, we often gain local media attention from our events. As a sponsor, this often enables you to benefit from additional publicity, with your business name being associated with the most influential people at the forefront of industry, politics, and sport.


3. Strengthen your brand image: sponsoring a not-for- profit event is a great way to show your commitment to wider causes and thus improve your credibility. Supporting events that inspire people and help them improve the way they run their businesses will project a positive image of your business and could even give you a competitive advantage over your rivals. And because the venues are prestigious, your brand will be associated with Cardiff’s best of class.


4. Reach a wider audience: With around 150 senior business professionals from a variety of sectors attending each of our events, sponsorship enables you to reach a more diverse audience of prospective customers and partners. The opportunities to connect directly with attendees can be a very lucrative step up from simply networking at the events.


5. Return on investment: Although sponsoring the events won’t deliver an instant financial return, it can lead to ongoing benefits and increased sales from the exposure it creates. It could work out to be much more cost effective for you than other marketing activities such as advertising.


Cardiff Business Club is committed to playing a leading role in sustaining and promoting Cardiff as an exciting capital city and a great place in which to do business.

But as a not-for- profit organisation, we are reliant on the continued support of our sponsorship partners.

If you’re keen to support Cardiff’s future business leaders and want to reap the benefits of sponsoring a long-standing and reputable business network, please get in touch: sponsor