Welsh Rugby Union Chair addresses Cardiff Business Club

Date Posted: 11 March 2024 Welsh Rugby Union Chair addresses Cardiff Business Club

Richard Collier-Keywood, Independent Chair of the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), addressed Cardiff Business Club at a lunch event sponsored by Evelyn Partners, on 11 March at Sophia Gardens.

Collier-Keywood discussed the WRU’s commercial loans, currently amounting to around £30m from NatWest and the Welsh Government. The WRU hopes to see both parties agreeing interest and capital payment relief, giving the union space to drive commercial revenues.

He also discussed the current early-stage civil action being brought forward by former players with neurological conditions, which they claim is the result of their professional careers in rugby.

Collier-Keywood stated that he has been reassured that the WRU’s insurance policy will protect their financial interests throughout the case, but that his biggest concern is the impact it will have on participation in the game.

He closed by discussing the new strategic plan that will be released for Welsh rugby in June this year, and how he hopes it will differentiate Welsh rugby from other countries and regions, maintaining player pathways.