First Impressions Count

Date Posted: 16 March 2022 First Impressions Count

As I walked into my first Cardiff Business Club event, any feelings of apprehension dissipated as, I was warmly welcomed into the buzzing room of professionals. Introductions made during the welcome drink were relaxed and sincere, and the atmosphere created by the Club allowed interesting and meaningful conversations to be had. As a young female in my first professional role since leaving Durham University in the summer of 2021 I was thrilled to observe representation of professionals of all genders, races, ages, disabilities/abilities. Indeed, it was clear that Cardiff Business Club represents the modern business club and not the historical version.

Cardiff Business Club’s reputation of hosting talks from high-profile individuals held strong; Sir Peter Thomas Wanless, CB delivered a humorous and thought-provoking talk about his career, his role as the CEO of the NSPCC, the goals of the charity and how it responds to the world-events we observe around us. Interesting questions were raised from the audience, including one pertaining to the NSPCC’s response to the Ukrainian-Russian war crisis.

Following the talk, members were treated to a delicious meal and wine (if desired) and enjoyable conversation. Through the dinner I was afforded longer conversations with other members, which I found invaluable in making connections. My table was very entertaining, and I have kept in contact with the members since. It appeared that other tables were equally entertaining, hence I look forward to sitting with other members at future events.

I hope my experience of the Cardiff Business Club encourages others to do so.