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David Howden

David Howden

CEO of Howden Group Holdings

23 May 2022, 18:00
Hilton Hotel

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David Howden

23 May 2022

David started a business with two friends in 1994.  After getting fed up working for companies that kept getting sold, he decided to build one that couldn’t be.  So Howden Group has always had employee ownership at its heart and is now the fifth largest employee owned company in the UK.

Howden is an insurance intermediary group with 11,000 employees delivering broking and underwriting services to more than 1.5 million clients from operations in 45 countries.  Its clients range from high net worth individuals to the largest multinational corporations in the world.  It is the leading independent broker in its home market, with more than 150 offices in the UK and Ireland operating under the A-Plan, Aston Lark and Howden brands.

He also breeds rare Longhorn cattle, Middle White pigs, Hampshire Down sheep, and racehorses.  He is founder of Cornbury House Herd and has a passion for sustainable and regenerative farming.  His love of horses has led him to re-establish Cornbury House Horse Trials during lockdown and to racecourses across the country in the hope of accessing the Winner’s Circle.

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